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Many companies never realize the benefits of having well managed IT services or IT strategy consulting. We provide you with a cost-effective solution to your technology business needs.

Could your business use some IT support?


Managed IT Services Dallas, Texas

How Can We Support Your Business?

 Supplement Your IT Department?

Entelic Group Solutions

Managed IT Services

Entelic offers technology solutions for your business with the benefits of safeguarding your data, proactive maintenance, rapid response, flexible hosting, and more. Of all of the managed service providers, we’re the best.

Virtual CIO

Our IT Consulting and Strategy Management Services will help you create and maintain a successful technology plan that works for your business.

Customized IT Solutions

Our flat hourly rate allows you to utilize our team for anything from migration services to consulting to disaster recovery.

Business Software Development

Our business software-based solutions and will provide any size organization with the tools they need to accomplish their company’s objectives.

Cloud Service Management

The cloud allows you to store important data and gives you access to your business anytime, anywhere boosting your productivity.

Software Development

We provide LAMP development services, iPad App Development, iPhone App Development, website, and custom web app development. Our world-class resources and processes will insure the success of each project.

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Exceed Expectations


Create Innovative Solutions


Understand Your Business Needs


Excellent Customer Service


Rapid Response Time


Wide Range Of Solutions


Affordable IT Services


On Time. On Budget. On Promise.

Could your business use some IT support?